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The advantages of the Potassium fertilizer?
The fertilizer machine manufacturers designed different fertilizer manufacturing procustion  to produce fertilizer granulator.It is not only include to produce the organic fertilizer granulator and compound fertilizer granulator,it also included the technology of producing the single fertilizer granulator.Potassium is one of the three elements of fertilizer. Potassium in plants generally accounts for 0.2% to 4.1% of the dry matter weight, second only to nitrogen. Potassium is involved in the activation of more than 60 enzyme systems, photosynthesis, transport of assimilated products, carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis during plant growth and development.The potassium is one of chemical fertilizer,which is used to be produced with the npk fertilizer,it can be produced by the fertilizer manufacturing process.In the npk fertilizer production,the potassium fertilizer granulator is a kind of raw material of npk fertilizer granulaotor.
The main role of potassium:Potassium application can promote photosynthesis of crops results and improve the cold resistance and disease resistance of crops,thereby increasing agricultural yield.Potassium is present in plants as free potassium ions,which promotes the metabolism of carohydrates and nitrogen;controls and regulates the activity of various mineral nutrients,activates the actives of various enzymes;it controls the transport of nutrients and water.Internal pressure to prevent plants from withering.
The fertilizer machine manufacturers designed all types of fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer granulator.Generally speaking ,the rotary drum granulator is equipped in the npk fertilizer production.And the roller press granulator machine is also a kind of fertilizer machine whiich is used to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.