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Low energy consumption and long life of organic fertilizer dryer
The heat source of the organic fertilizer dryer comes from the combustion device, and the dryer adopts the forward flow heating mode. Therefore, the materials that need to be dried slip into the cylinder from the feed box and feed, that is, pushed backward by the spiral plate.  Due to the inclined placement of the dryer, on the one hand, the material flows to the back end under the action of gravity and rotation, on the other hand, the material is repeatedly rotated by the lifting plate, brought to the upper end and continuously lifted down, so that the material forms a uniform curtain in the cylinder, and fully exchanges heat with the hot air flow in the cylinder. Due to the repeated lifting and scattering of the material, the moisture contained is gradually dried, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

Low energy consumption and long life of organic fertilizer dryer
The organic fertilizer dryer is a new generation of rotary drum dryer developed by Huaqiang with many years of compound fertilizer production experience. The fertilizer equipment has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long service life, even drying, convenient maintenance, etc. it is a more advanced compound fertilizer drying equipment in China, the product is all over the country.

The organic fertilizer dryer is mainly used for the production of organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer to dry the fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size. Its characteristics are as follows:
1. The fertilizer equipment has the advantages of small investment, quick effect, good economic benefit and reliable performance;
2. Small power, no discharge of three wastes, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable process layout, advanced technology and low production cost.
3. The distribution and angle design of the lifting plate have reliable performance, so the utilization rate of heat energy is high, the drying is even, and the number of cleaning materials is small.

Process flow of organic fertilizer dryer: mixing feeding drying cooling bagging
Detailed process of ton organic fertilizer dryer: raw material selection (chicken manure, etc.) - > drying and sterilization - > ingredient mixing - > granulation - > cooling and screening - > metering and sealing - > warehousing of finished products.