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Construction and planning of organic fertilizer production line
Because most of the raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer are agricultural wastes, such as livestock manure, in the process of the production of organic fertilizer, if not handled properly, it will cause secondary pollution to the ecological environment, and even cause public opposition. We should pay enough attention to the site selection, planning and design, raw material design and raw material selection of organic fertilizer production line to avoid secondary pollution.

1. Determination of raw materials
Before determining the production of organic fertilizer, we must consider whether the quantity of raw materials is sufficient, whether the price of raw materials is expensive, whether the supply of raw materials is sustainable and other reasons. If the raw material is the waste of their own farms. Then let go.
Construction and planning of organic fertilizer production line
2. Site selection
In the process of transportation and fermentation, the raw materials of organic fertilizer production will produce some special smell more or less. Therefore, the site selection of organic fertilizer plant should be well controlled, and several points should be kept in mind; it should be far away from residential areas and industrial areas, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles to surrounding residents and other production plants. It is better to be close to the origin of main raw materials, which saves transportation cost and reduces transportation pollution. The traffic is relatively convenient. Water supply and power supply should also be convenient.

3. Selection of
fertilizer equipment
Fertilizer equipment should be determined by the investment scale. Of course, the selection of fertilizer equipment should meet the requirements of environmental protection. For environmental protection, it is not only the desire of the people, but also the demand of the development of agriculture and animal husbandry for environmental protection. To determine the investment of fertilizer equipment, we need to listen to more suggestions and opinions from professionals and technicians, so as to avoid detours and minimize waste of material and financial resources.