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How to realize the automatic production of organic fertilizer production line
The equipment of the organic fertilizer production line includes: organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, organic fertilizer crushing equipment, organic fertilizer mixing equipment, organic fertilizer granulation equipment, organic fertilizer drying equipment, organic fertilizer cooling equipment, screening machine, coating machine and other packaging scales, as well as conveyor for material transfer between equipment. Such a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment configuration needs 4.5 million, but the whole organic fertilizer production line only needs five or six workers to meet the requirements of automatic equipment production.

Simple organic fertilizer production line equipment configuration includes crushing equipment, mixing equipment, granulation equipment, screening equipment and packaging scale, small organic fertilizer production line manufacturers, the whole set of equipment is also 6.7 million, the equipment investment is not large, but a large amount of labor cost needs to be invested in the later stage.

According to the actual production requirements of organic fertilizer, there are different configurations and prices of different organic fertilizer production lines. There are three types of equipment in the fertilizer production line: high, medium and low. Large scale fertilizer plants should adopt automatic production and configuration of organic fertilizer equipment. The appearance and nutritional composition of organic fertilizer products can meet the market demand, and the promotion of organic fertilizer has great advantages. Medium and low organic fertilizer production line is suitable for small and medium-sized fertilizer plants. The sales scope of the finished organic fertilizer is limited to the nearby areas. Some processes in organic fertilizer production need to be completed manually.

Investment in fertilizer production line can easily achieve low investment, high return, small investment and rich profits. Each production process is essential, and each link is related to the quality of the finished product of organic fertilizer production. Therefore, it is necessary to refine every step of the production of organic fertilizer in order to create a suitable organic fertilizer, so as to be more competitive in the market.