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Equipment investment of organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer production line is basically divided into powder and particle. As a user, not only should he have a clear understanding of the whole process of organic fertilizer production line, but also the equipment and accessories of bio organic fertilizer. Whether it is fermentation equipment, pelletizing equipment or conveyor selection, we need to make a reasonable choice according to the process, site and capacity. Only by visiting and comparing with the organic fertilizer manufacturers, can users have a clear understanding of the investment cost.

There are two steps for the production line of organic fertilizer to process commercial organic fertilizer: pre fermentation and deep granulation.
Bio organic fertilizer equipment includes: fermentation tipping machine, automatic feeding bin, semi wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, grading screening machine, coating machine, automatic packaging machine, belt conveyor, etc.

The organic fertilizer production line is highly recognized in the overall organic fertilizer processing project. First, after accounting, the price of a set of bio organic fertilizer equipment is moderate; second, it is more suitable for the initial processing and recycling of waste raw materials within the current breeding scale of 50km. For such a set of organic fertilizer production equipment, we can see the importance of investment accounting from the investment gap of tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands or even more than one million yuan.

The bio organic fertilizer equipment produced by our company has advanced technology, energy conservation and consumption reduction, reliable operation, stable operation, compact process layout, scientific and reasonable, no three emissions, convenient maintenance and wide adaptability of raw materials.

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