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What factors affect the price of organic fertilizer production equipment?
We can use the fertilizer manufacturing technology to produce the organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer granulator or powdery.In the fertilizer manfuacturing process,many fertilizer machines are equipped  to make the fertilizer granulator.Semi-automatic fertilizer machines to be used in the fertilizer production line not only improve the working efficient,it also reduce the cost of the investment.So what factors affect the price of organic fertilizer production equipment?
Many organic fertilizer prodctino enterprises or farms that produce organic fertilizer go to the organic fertilizer machine manufacturers all over the country to investigate before purchasing the organic fertilizer production line,which is they want to buy a set of suitable production line.But often because manufacturers offer different,think repeatedly,compare,hesitate.How to find suitable and reasonable equipment from different price equipment?
First of all,we need to understand the reason for the price difference of the organic fertilizer production line.If we know the reasons,we can choose the organic fertilizer equipment.Specifically,there are some reasons for the price difference of organic fertilizer equipment.Reasons for the price impact of organic fertilizer production line:
The quality of equipment.The use of materials ,thickness and integrity of materials will affect the price of the equipment.No matter what kinds of products,raw materials are worthy of being a universal factor affecting prices.There are also the use of materials,some of which are 10mm,12mm and so on.These slight differences will also have an important impact on the price of products.Integrity,a body,some of the raw material scrap pieced together and welded,some of the processing of a complete piece,the price will be slightly different.
The second reason for the price impact of organic fertilizer production line:the impact of unit capacity.Wheter it is the equipment of turning and throwing,pelletizing or other equipment,the larger the unit capacity is,the higher the price will be accordingly.It's not hard to imagine that there must be a big price difference between a production line with an annual output of 50000 tons and a production line with an annual output of 10000 tons.It is not only because of the amount of materials used for large equipment,but also because of the different requirements of different production equipment for process technology.The larger the unit capacity,the higher the technological requirements and the higher the price.
roller press granulation production line
The third reason for the price impact of organic fertilizer production line:power consumption impact.Organic fertilizer equipment is agricultural releated environmental protection equipment,which also pursues environmental protection and engery saving.Engery saving performance is also a factor affecting the price.It is the same organi fertilizer production line,producing one ton of organic fertilizer,some need to consume 5kw,some need 8kw.
Four reasons for the price impact of the organic fertilizer production line:environmental potection of equipment.In the early days,the equipment of organic fertilizer can be said to be extensive.As for simple processing,some processing enterprises,in order to reduce costs,even open-air processing were intented to make qualified environmental protection industry for green ecological agriculture,but the open-air extensive processing polluted the environment.Even now there are many organic fertilizer manufacturing process enterprises are still using this kind of extensive processing.
Reason for the price impact of organic fertilizer production line is the equipment and fertilizer manufacturing technology.Organic fertilizer equipment is not a single one,but a set of series,a set of processing machinery and equipment including multiple machinery and equipment.Small and simple organic fertilizer production line includes:feeding,conveying,crushing,fermentation compost turning machine,fertilizer granulator machine,screening machine,dryer,cooler,coating machine  and packaging machine.This is also an important factor in the price gap between tens of thousand,hundreds of throusands and millions of organic fertilizer production lines in the market.
A set of the same appearance of the same raw materials,different manufacturers,different brands,there is a gap between the process,the price will be different.Even subtle process differences lead to differences in product qualification rate.In terms of pelletizer,from the qualified rate of pelletizing in the market,there are more than 95%,and some only about 80%.Different model to be designed by the fertilizer machine engineers to produce the fertilizer different yield.So it also will affect the price.
Besides the organic fertilizer production line equipment will be affected by this factors,other type fertilizer production lines,like the npk fertilizer production line equipment also may be affected by these factors.