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Upgrading bio organic fertilizer equipment and promoting environmental protection
With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, green environmental protection is becoming more and more important. With the protection of cultivated land and sustainable development, bio organic fertilizer equipment has become the main force of fertilizer industry. According to the feedback from the market to the equipment, we can see the satisfactory results of the market, because the biological organic fertilizer equipment has been developing in the market and constantly learning and improving in the competition.

The special fertilizer granulator of bio organic fertilizer production line is the latest scientific and technological product developed by combining many years of organic fertilizer processing equipment design and production experience. It is used for granulation of various organic matters after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic matter granulation process. Before granulation, the raw materials can be dried and crushed, and the spherical particles can be processed directly, which can save a lot of energy.
Upgrading bio organic fertilizer equipment and promoting environmental protection
This fertilizer granulator belongs to extrusion sliding model and is used in organic fertilizer production line and compound fertilizer production line. Its working principle is that the belt and pulley are driven by the motor, transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer, and synchronized with the passive shaft through the split gear to work in opposite direction. The materials are added from the feeding hopper, extruded by rollers, demoulded into balls, and transported to the crushing screen studio to screen and separate the finished particles (balls), and then the returned materials are mixed with the new materials, and then granulated.

Upgrading bio organic fertilizer equipment and promoting environmental protection
Features of the roller granulator are as follows:
  1. 1. The fertilizer production line of the roller granulator adopts no drying process and granulation at normal temperature. The equipment is simple and durable, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.
  2. 2. The organic fertilizer machine has the advantages of small land occupation, small investment and greatly reducing the power consumption cost and labor cost.
  3. 3. The operation is stable and reliable.
  4. 4. The material adaptability of the roller granulator is wide, single raw material and many kinds of raw material can be used.