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Bio organic fertilizer equipment technology determines the quality of bio organic fertilizer
The key index of the product quality of bio organic fertilizer is the effective viable bacteria number of the product, and the selection of the production process is an important link that affects the viable bacteria number of the product. Choosing the appropriate production technology of bio organic fertilizer equipment can improve the product quality, increase the product storage time, make the product better to the market, so as to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

Most of the bio organic fertilizer is a product which uses organic matter as carrier, adsorbs microbial agent and then mixes with inorganic fertilizer. The data showed that the common strains were not resistant to high temperature, and the general growth temperature was 20-40 ℃. When the temperature is above 60 ℃, 80% of the microorganisms will die. Therefore, in the production process of bio organic fertilizer equipment, it is required that the carrier temperature should be controlled below 50 ℃ after adding bacteria agent. In addition, the raw materials should be sterilized in order to prevent the large-scale propagation of miscellaneous bacteria.

The key to the bio organic fertilizer production line is the selection of granulation method. According to the requirements of production process, there are two commonly used granulation methods of bio organic fertilizer: disc granulation and extrusion granulation. The temperature rise in the extrusion granulation process is not large. Although the temperature rise of the pressure surface of the equipment will be caused by friction with the extension of continuous production time, the material temperature rise is generally less than 5 degrees due to the short residence time of the material in the equipment, so the process index is easy to control in the production process. However, the drying temperature of the products after pelletizing of the disc granulator should be strictly controlled to avoid the temperature of the dried materials exceeding 60 ℃, so the process control is difficult.

However, the low-temperature drying process is adopted after the disc granulation. Although the one-time investment is large, the product quality is good and the product can be mixed well, which is conducive to the product being put on the market. However, due to the poor particle strength, high powder ratio, the product quality is difficult to guarantee, and its unique shape is not easy to mix with other compound fertilizer particles. Therefore, if the conditions permit, the low-temperature drying process after disc granulation is the best for the bio organic fertilizer production line.