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Process flow of bio organic fertilizer equipment
Bio organic fertilizer is a kind of organic fertilizer containing a large number of functional microorganisms, which is produced by adding functional microbial agents to the rotten materials on the basis of organic fertilizer production. The original intention of the development and production of bio organic fertilizer equipment production line is to integrate the advantages of organic fertilizer and bio fertilizer, which not only helps to improve the crop yield, but also can fertilize the soil, regulate the micro ecological balance of the soil, reduce the amount of inorganic fertilizer, and fundamentally improve the quality of agricultural products, which is in line with the sustainable development of agriculture and the production of green agricultural products.

Process flow of bio organic fertilizer equipment

1. Crushing and mixing: the bio organic fertilizer equipment will crush the fermented and fermented animal powder organic fertilizer raw materials to the appropriate particle size, and then transport them to the horizontal mixer for mixing, and then evenly transfer them to the bin of the disk fertilizer granulator.

2. Feeding and granulation of bio organic fertilizer equipment: evenly feed the powdery raw materials into the feeding bin and evenly feed the disc granulator; spray the automatic granulator on the disc with the disc fertilizer granulator according to the humidity conditions of the materials. The surface of the material makes the powder reach a reasonable humidity; the powder uses the centrifugal force of the disk rotation and the friction force of the disk to produce axial rolling. In the rolling process, the powder is squeezed between the particles, thus forming relatively large water for organic fertilizer particles.

3. Drying and cooling: the processed particles are transported to the organic fertilizer drum dryer through the conveyor, and the heat energy blown out by the hot blast stove is converted during the tumble process of the dryer. The bio organic fertilizer equipment realizes drying and drying of organic fertilizer particles. After drying to a reasonable water content, it is sent to the cooler and cooled in the cooler. Cool particles are sent to the screening machine for particle classification.

4. Screening coating: in the roller screening machine, the qualified organic fertilizer particles are sent to the coater for coating; the unqualified particles are sent back to the crushing and mixing process for granulation.

5. Packaging and storage: the coated particles are measured and packed by automatic weighing scale, and then stored in the warehouse.

6. Dedusting process: drying, cooling and dedusting treatment in the workshop. Cyclone deduster is used for treatment. After reaching the standard, it will be emptied.