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Some equipment of organic fertilizer production line
In rural areas, there are many places where "biogas" fermentation is used, so that the biogas slurry has been used a lot, but the pollution of biogas slurry still exists. For this reason, people hope that there is a machine that can convert the liquid residue into organic fertilizer to improve soil fertility, and strictly protect the arable land environment.

Here are several kinds of organic fertilizer production line equipment.

granulator machine for fertilizer and the rounding device used in the preparation can make the cylindrical particles into balls, which can be made into balls at one time, without returning particles, high ball rate, good strength, beautiful and practical, and it is the ideal equipment for making spherical particles of organic fertilizer today.

Rotary drum screen is commonly used equipment in the production of compound fertilizers. It is mainly used to separate the returned material and the finished product, and it can also classify the finished product. The combined screen is convenient for maintenance and replacement. The organic fertilizer equipment has simple structure, convenient operation and stable operation.

Turning and throwing machine, used for the industrialized fermentation treatment of organic solids such as animal manure, domestic garbage, sludge, and crop straw.

The dryer is mainly used for drying compound fertilizer raw materials, bio-organic fertilizer raw materials, animal manure and other thin mud raw materials.

Among them, the organic
fertilizer granulator machine mainly includes the disc granulator, the drum granulator and the pair-roller extrusion granulator. Because different organic fertilizers have different components, the produced organic fertilizer particles are different, and different soils require different sizes of compound fertilizer particles. The emergence of granulators solves this problem. We can meet different needs. Use different granulators to produce organic fertilizers with different particle sizes and shapes.