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Introduction of organic fertilizer granulator and the application process
 The organic fertilizer granulator machine includes a flat mold organic fertilizer granulator, a ring mold organic fertilizer granulator, a roller organic fertilizer granulator, a hammer type organic fertilizer granulator, a disc organic fertilizer granulator, and a drum type organic fertilizer granulator. Fertilizer granulator, drum type organic fertilizer granulator, etc., almost include all organic fertilizer granulators except tower granulation and condensation granulation, covering the common organic fertilizer granulation equipment in the industry. In fact, organic fertilizer powder is the best suitable fertilizer for crops. The production process of such fertilizers is simple, the processing cost is low, the harmful ingredients are less, and the crop absorbs quickly. However, with the popularization of mechanized fertilization and the transportation of powder Disadvantages, people are slowly approaching organic fertilizer granulation, therefore, the organic fertilizer granulator was born.

The traditional organic fertilizer granulator is a disc-type organic fertilizer granulator, a drum granulator, and a drum-type organic fertilizer granulator. This equipment plays a role in the later period of the organic fertilizer granulator. It has made a great contribution to the accumulation of experience in the organic fertilizer granulator. Disc-type organic fertilizer granulator, drum-type organic fertilizer granulator, drum-type organic fertilizer granulator have the advantages of simple use process, convenient operation, fewer equipment failures, and high output. However, these organic fertilizer granulators It has the defects of high moisture content of finished particles, low particle density, high bagging rate of breakage, high dust content during processing, and uneven particle size. Through these shortcomings, people gradually carried out equipment transformation and renewal.

Now the common organic granulator machine for fertilizer on the market is a flat mold organic fertilizer granulator or a new horizontal centrifugal granulator. The flat mold organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of high pressure, easy adjustment of the gap between the mold pressure wheels, high density of pressed particles, low dust content in the working environment, low particle moisture content, and easy drying of the finished product. However, this flat mold organic fertilizer the granulator can only compress columnar granules and is almost powerless for machine-seeded spherical granules. The new horizontal granulator can reflect the superiority of organic fertilizer granules, especially spherical granules. The basic use process is the combination of high-speed rotation forced granulation, friction bonding and polishing, which changes the traditional granulation process of large investment, complex process and repeated links, and then produces spherical organic fertilizer particles.