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Extrusion granulation process in the NPK fertilizer production process
The production of compound fertilizers can be completed by a variety of processes, such as blending, extrusion, and acid methods, which can all produce compound fertilizers, and they have their own different characteristics. Take the roller granulator an example to explain the characteristics of its production process.

When extrusion granulation equipment is used in production, the material is generally squeezed into thin slices of specified thickness or pressed into blocks, and then crushed into granules. Sometimes the material is first pressed into strips or columns, and then crushed into particles.

Tests have proved that the selection of appropriate raw materials and their ratios during production are important factors for the production of high-quality extruded fertilizers. Some raw materials can be mixed and extruded at one time according to their respective characteristics. And there are some materials that do not have such extrusion performance, which requires us to carry out an extrusion test before production, so that the relevant procedures and methods for processing the materials can be obtained based on the test data.

The investment of extrusion granulation equipment is lower than other equipment, because its production process is shorter and less equipment is used. It does not require heating or humidification in production, which saves energy consumption and investment; there is no waste gas or waste water during the production process, which is safe and pollution-free; because of its simple process flow, it is particularly simple and convenient to operate, which can better realize production automatic control to improve production efficiency.

However, the extrusion granulation equipment also has a feature that it cannot complete large-volume production and the appearance of its granules is not as good as the appearance of drum granulator, disc granulator and other compound fertilizer granulator machine, and it is easy to generate dust during transportation (these can be adding processing links in the production process can be avoided), these problems are just left to our Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Factory, and we are guaranteed to provide you with reasonable and advanced compound fertilizer equipment.