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What are the common faults and corresponding solutions of the roller granulator?

During the operation of the roller granulator, some failures may occur. The operator should carefully analyze the cause according to the specific failure phenomenon, and eliminate and deal with it in time. This is the most common type of fertilizer granulator machine.

The twin-roll extrusion granulator equipment adopts a production process at room temperature without drying. The granulator is formed at one time and has a high output. Generally, it can produce between one ton and three tons in an hour. The specific output depends on the specifications of the roller extrusion granulator. The product investment of the granulator is very small, and the economic benefits take effect quickly.

The common fault of the double roller granulator: the material is not into balls or packed in cakes. This kind of problem is more common in the production process of the granulator.

Causes this reason: the supply of raw materials is insufficient or the gap between the particles of the equipment is too large;

It is also possible that the distance between the two ends of the roller extrusion granulator is inconsistent with the distance between the two ends. If it is the former reason, just add enough material. The following two cases need to adjust the gap setting of the granulator. It's okay.

Common failure of the roller extrusion granulator machine for fertilizer 2: Sometimes there will be the problem of the roller extrusion granulator not falling off the ball

Reason: This situation is generally caused by the relatively large water content of the material or the insufficient pressure of the machine to make the ball.

Solution:We only need to replace materials with less water content. If the pressure is not enough, adjust the pressure control system of the equipment and shorten the distance between the two rollers of the machine. As long as these situations are mastered, they can be easily dealt with.