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Analysis and solution of vibration of compound fertilizer roller granulator
Reasons for vibration of compound fertilizer equipment roller granulator:

1. Because the screw is supported at one end and the length is very long (up to 10m), the unsupported end support is not good enough to cause self-weight bending and deflection sinking;

2. The uneven heating of the cylinder body causes uneven expansion, and the matching gap between the screw and the cylinder body is small, causing the screw to collide and wear at the unsupported output end (expansion end);

3. Excessive feeding load or poor melting of the material leads to excessively high melt pressure in the machine head, resulting in excessive force on the end of the screw, oblique pendulum or bending wear;

4. The material of the equipment is not qualified, and the material causes excessive wear on the screw;

5. The screw designed by the compound fertilizer equipment manufacturer is only produced for the common grades. When the special grades such as PA14D are produced in the polypropylene plant, the screw is seriously worn due to the high viscosity of the material.

Compound fertilizer equipment extrusion granulator machine for fertilizer vibration solution:

1. Improve assembly quality
Improve the manufacturing and installation accuracy so that the load is evenly distributed among the planetary gears. The gear transmission at all levels is normal to ensure the meshing backlash and good tooth surface meshing. Pay attention to the fixing of the positioning parts and avoid the vibration of the gear end surface. Between the two ends of each floating member and adjacent parts, an axial gap of 0.5mm~1.0mm shall be left. Otherwise it will affect the floating and equalizing effect, and also cause heat and noise. When installing the bearing, avoid improper knocking, and avoid collision during the bearing transportation and assembly process. Clean the transmission parts of the reducer as required to improve the internal cleanliness of the reducer.

2. using elastic elements
The elastic element is added to the gear train, through the elastic deformation of the elastic element, the load of each planetary gear is balanced. The elastic element is mainly installed at the junction of the parts, such as between the internal gear and the body, between the shaft and the hole. In order to make the structure compact, elastic elements are used in two places. One is that the internal gear uses non-metallic elastic elements (such as rubber, plastic) to be combined with the body. When the elastic material is moderately soft and hard, it can be guaranteed to be under low load.

3. add lubrication device
Use spray lubrication, the effect is better, and the structure is relatively simple. Circulating lubrication is formed, and a nozzle is installed at the entry into the deceleration device, which effectively improves the lubrication conditions of the gear train.

4. Do a good job of inspection and maintenance
Establish a strict inspection and maintenance system, mainly to do a good job in the inspection of the brake device and reducer of the extrusion fertilizer granulator machine. For the brake device, check the gap of the brake band in time, adjust the brake band in time if necessary, or replace the brake band.