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Workflow of livestock and poultry manure fertilizer production line
Livestock and poultry manure fertilizer production line:
The livestock and poultry manure fertilizer production line is to directly enter the recovered livestock and poultry manure into the fermentation area. After one fermentation and two aging stacks, the odor of livestock and poultry manure is eliminated. At this stage, a starter can be added to decompose the crude fiber, so that the particle size requirements after crushing meet the particle size requirements for granulation production.

Pulverize the fermented materials that have completed the second aging and stacking process and enter the mixing system. Before mixing and stirring, according to the recipe, add N, P, K and some other trace elements to the mixer to start mixing.

The mixed materials are transported into the granulation system, the granules enter the cooling system after the dryer, and the materials will be sieved after reaching normal temperature. The granules that meet the requirements enter the coating machine to wrap the coating film and begin to pack, which does not meet the requirements After the granules are crushed by the crusher, they are returned to the granulation system and continue to granulate.

Equipment investment of organic fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer production line has different equipment configurations according to different raw materials, and can also make appropriate plans according to the investment budget. The prices of organic fertilizer production lines with different yields are also different. It is recommended that customers should consider how much organic fertilizer production they want to invest before inquiring again, and then inform the manufacturers of the raw materials for processing and production, so that they can provide you with an approximate price range, and then choose the appropriate production line configuration according to the estimated investment .

The organic fertilizer production line has three configurations: high, middle and low. The large-scale fertilizer plant should adopt a complete set of production configuration. The appearance and nutrient content of the finished product can meet the market requirements, and it has a greater advantage in the promotion of finished organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer production line with medium and low configuration is suitable for small and medium-sized fertilizer plants. The sales scope of finished organic fertilizer is limited to nearby areas. Some processes in the organic fertilizer production process need to be completed manually.