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Compost fermentation of organic fertilizer production line
The raw materials of organic fermentation compost include straw, animal manure, domestic sludge, processing organic waste, garden pruning waste, biomass waste, etc. Composting refers to the process of harmless and stable solid organic waste through the role of microorganisms under certain water, C / N ratio and ventilation and other artificial control conditions. Compost is not only a production method of organic fertilizer production line, but also a biological treatment method of solid waste.

Fermentation equipment of organic fertilizer production line

The main equipment of compost production line mainly includes: raw material storage and pretreatment facilities, fermentation facilities, aging facilities, finished product storage, packaging facilities and deodorization facilities.

1. Raw material storage and pretreatment facilities mainly include: mechanical equipment and related buildings (structures) such as receiving, feeding, crushing, screening, mixing, transportation, etc.

2. The fermentation facilities mainly include the compost turning machine and related buildings matching with the high temperature aerobic fermentation process.

3. The post-treatment and processing facilities mainly include the mechanical equipment and related buildings required for further treatment of compost materials after fermentation and stabilization, such as metering, transportation, crushing, screening, mixing, granulation(drum granulation), drying, cooling, packaging, etc.

4. Deodorization facilities: it is mainly suitable for closed workshop or composting plant with centralized odor collection device, and biological filter can be used for deodorization.