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What is the purpose of fertilizer granulator machine?
Fertilizer granulator machine is a kind of molding machine which can make material into specific shape. Fertilizer production is generally divided into: wet organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator, flat die extrusion granulator, drum granulator, roller extrusion granulator.
What is the purpose of fertilizer granulator machine?
Purpose of fertilizer granulator machine:
1. In order to make organic fertilizer into uniform granules, according to the actual needs of customers, we can make fertilizer granules of various sizes and sizes.
2. At the same time, it is convenient to pack, weigh, store and transport, so that the organic fertilizer can be weighed and applied conveniently.
3. Fertilizer granulator machine reduces dust pollution and improves working conditions.
4. Meet the production process requirements, such as increasing porosity and specific surface area, improving heat transfer, etc. 

Organic fertilizer production line can be made into: spherical granular, cylindrical, flat spherical. The granulator equipment used varies with the particle shape. Disc granulator, drum granulator,agitator granulator, the materials produced by these three pelletizing methods are spherical; the organic fertilizer produced by the double roller granulator is flat spherical, etc., and there are many kinds of pelletizers for you to choose from.