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What is commercial organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer is a kind of important fertilizer in agricultural production because of its comprehensive nutrients, stable and lasting fertilizer effect, and it can also play a variety of roles, such as loosening soil, improving soil fertility, improving soil structure, and improving crop yield and quality.

Although the organic fertilizer industry in the development period of a little low, but with the rapid development of green, high quality, high efficiency, health, environmental protection of new agriculture, organic fertilizer has been favored again.
Commercial organic fertilizer is a kind of organic fertilizer production line, which is made of animal manure, animal and plant residues, domestic waste and other organic solid wastes as the main raw materials, and adding a certain amount of other auxiliary materials (such as wind coal, peat, Chinese medicine residue, wine residue, mushroom residue, etc.) and fermentation bacteria agent, through a series of fertilizer production machine processing.
What is commercial organic fertilizer
Effect of organic fertilizer on soil fertility

Physical properties: the quality of soil physical properties is directly related to the size of soil nutrient supply capacity. Many studies have shown that the application of organic fertilizer can improve the physical properties of soil, specifically in the long-term application of organic fertilizer can increase soil aggregate structure, enhance air permeability, enhance water holding capacity, and reduce soil bulk density.

Chemical properties: long term application of organic fertilizer can activate soil nutrients, improve soil nutrient content, enhance soil fertilizer supply capacity, and regulate soil pH and soil electrical conductivity.

Biological properties: soil microorganism can reflect the exuberant degree of material metabolism in soil, which is an important index of soil fertility. Application of organic fertilizer can improve soil enzyme activity and improve the living environment of microorganisms.

Harmful substances: the application of organic fertilizer can increase and renew the content of soil organic matter, which can greatly improve the adsorption capacity of the soil, which is conducive to the removal of toxic substances in the soil or reduce their toxicity.