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Resourceful treatment of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line
Chicken manure processing organic fertilizer production line equipment, the process is very simple, but there are still operational steps need to pay attention to, according to the process to do, there will be no big problems.

The production line of chicken manure organic fertilizer generally includes: selection of raw materials → drying and sterilization → mixing of ingredients → drum granulation → cooling and screening → metering and sealing → storage of finished products.
The production process of chicken manure organic fertilizer is more complex: the raw materials of organic fertilizer (animal manure, domestic waste, dead leaves, biogas residue, waste strains, etc.) are fermented into semi wet materials for crushing, and then nitrogen treatment is carried out. Phosphorus, potassium and other elements (pure nitrogen, ammonium chloride, etc.) are added to make the mineral content meet the specified standards, and then stirred with a mixer, and then the raw materials are put into drum granulation, come out and dry, screen a screening machine, packaging the qualified products, return to the granulator for unqualified granulation.
Resourceful treatment of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line
In the production of organic fertilizer, the raw materials are piled up, crushed and then the ingredients are stirred. After full mixing, the materials are continuously and evenly placed on the belt conveyor from the feed inlet to ensure the continuous and even material entering the granulator. The material forms particles and grows in the granulator. They are sent to the dryer by belt conveyor and exchange heat with hot air from hot blast stove. After full heating and dehumidification, the fertilizer particles flow out of the dryer and are sent to the cooler by the belt conveyor. In the cooler, it is cooled to room temperature by countercurrent contact with room temperature wind, and then it is sent to drum screen by belt conveyor for classification. Large particles are broken by vertical crusher and returned to granulator together with powder less than 1 mm for re granulation. The finished product particles are packed in the metering packaging machine.
During the drying and cooling process of organic fertilizer production line, the gas containing dust and steam enters the settling chamber under the action of induced draft fan, and the dust and part of water vapor settle under the action of gravity, and the gas and other steam discharge meet the standard.