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Processing mode and performance characteristics of drum granulator
The drum granulator is a wet granulation process. Through a certain amount of water or steam, the basic fertilizer can be fully chemically reacted after being humidified in the cylinder. Under certain liquid phase conditions, with the help of the rotary motion of the cylinder, the material particles will produce extrusion pressure and agglomerate into balls.

Drum granulator is suitable for cold, hot granulation and large-scale production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer. The cylinder body of the machine adopts special rubber plate lining or acid resistant stainless steel lining plate, which realizes automatic scar removal and tumor removal, and cancels the traditional device. The machine has the characteristics of high ball forming strength, good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long service life and convenient operation and maintenance.
Processing mode and performance characteristics of drum granulator
Performance characteristics of drum granulator
  1. 1. The fertilizer granulator machine adopts the granulation production process of rotation, spheroidization, polishing, densification, heating, drying and other functions.
  3. 2. The fertilizer granulator machine is especially suitable for the granulation of light and fine powder materials. The finer the basic particles of fine powder materials are, the higher the sphericity of particles is, and the better the quality of pellets is.
  5. 3. The equipment has high automation, high production efficiency and large processing capacity;
  7. 4. The granulation is good and uniform;
  9. 5. The equipment maintenance is convenient.