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Problems in the use of organic fertilizer dryer
People's demand for green food is also increasing. Organic fertilizer production line has become an indispensable part of our agricultural production, and the amount of fertilizer required is very large. Due to the continuous improvement of modern people's demand for organic fertilizer and the pursuit of high-quality fertilizer equipment, many users should pay attention to the problems of organic fertilizer dryer when choosing organic fertilizer dryer. Zhengzhou Tianci gives you a few tips:
I. It depends on the water content of the specific fermentation raw materials and the drying amount of the finished products, not only on the evaporation, which is not accurate;
Problems in the use of organic fertilizer dryer
II. When selecting the model of organic fertilizer dryer, it is also necessary to select the model and size of relative fan, shakron and closed fan;
III. The problem of material and thickness of the dryer, because when the dryer is drying, if the material and thickness are not selected properly, the service life of the dryer will be very short, and it will corrode early.
IV. for the construction of the hot blast stove of the dryer, because the weight of the hot blast stove is very heavy, the general hot blast stove weighs more than 20 tons, so it is very troublesome in the transportation. Many manufacturers will let customers build their own hot blast stove, so during the construction, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of refractory materials and organic fertilizer equipment for fire compartment measures;
V. due to the high temperature at the front end of the fire tube, the front end of the fire tube of the dryer shall be well constructed. Suggestions on the lining formula of the refractory cement: alumina cement - 15%, low fine lead powder - 15%, high temperature stones (aggregates) - 70%.
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