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Organic fertilizer production line with annual output of 10000 tons
Nowadays, there are more and more users of 10000 tons of organic fertilizer processing. In terms of the configuration of 10000 tons of production line, there are still many kinds of products. For example, if the raw materials are different, the configuration is also different. In many customer consultation, there are usually several problems, that is, how to configure the product to be efficient, which can not only save the investment cost, but also improve the production efficiency. Around this topic, Zhengzhou Tianci heavy industry gives you the following suggestions.

Organic fertilizer production line with annual output of 10000 tons
The complete organic fertilizer  production line includes: composting machine, also known as fermentation machine, crusher, granulator, dryer, sifter, if necessary, automatic packing machine, etc. These fertilizer equipment are generally necessary, in fact, these fertilizer equipment have different preparation parameters and specifications, such as granulator, disk granulator, new granulator, etc. The same is true for the equipment. Of course, there are differences in price. All of this depends on your specific situation. What kind of fertilizer equipment do you need? We can customize different fertilizer equipment according to your needs.

The quality of organic fertilizer production line: equipped with overload protection configuration, uniform and unimpeded, low noise, making its operation more safe and reliable. With the large diameter conditioner, the particles are smoother, the hardness is more moderate, the forming rate is 98%, and the equipment damage rate is reduced to the lowest. Speed control feeding is adopted to accurately control the amount of feeding, so as to meet the production needs of different materials and particle diameters. Particle composition is uniform, appearance is neat, surface is smooth, particle density is large, easy to store and transport. It can process powder feed with low water content and fresh feed with high water content.