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How to deal with cow dung in cattle farm
The cattle manure in cattle farm is of many uses, which can be transported to biogas digester for fermentation. The biogas produced can be used for cooking, and the deposited biogas residue can be planted with grass or vegetables; it can also be accumulated and used as farmyard fertilizer, with good fertilizer effect; it can be processed into organic fertilizer, which can fluff the soil, improve the soil fertility; it can raise earthworm, grow mushrooms, etc. Let's share the technological process of cow manure organic fertilizer production line.
Cow manure organic fertilizer production line:

1. Fermentation process
First of all, the cow manure should be dried or drained to keep its water content below 85%. Then, the straw powder should be added with a ratio of 7:3 to control the carbon ratio of raw materials (cow manure) and auxiliary materials (straw powder) at 23-28 and the water content at 52% - 68%. Finally, add the organic fertilizer fermentation ripening agent.
It can also build a fermentation tank with a length of 50 meters and a width of 4 meters. The mixture is stacked in the fermentation tank, and then turned over by the organic fertilizer turning machine. The turning depth can reach 0.7m ~ 1m. The mechanical pile turning shall be even and thorough, and the low-level special materials shall be turned into the middle and upper part of the pile, so as to fully mature. After the first turning, the pile should be turned every day. However, when the temperature is over 70 ℃, the pile must be turned over immediately, otherwise the beneficial microorganisms and fermentation bacteria will be killed in large quantities, which is not conducive to fermentation and maturity.
How to deal with cow dung in cattle farm
2. Crushing process
The fermented cow manure is put into the silo, and then the animal dung is transferred to the fertilizer grinder by the belt, which is used for crushing and stirring, so as to facilitate the preparation of granulation.

3. Granulation process
In the organic fertilizer production line, the output of organic fertilizer determines which kind of fertilizer equipment is selected, such as the most important pelletizing equipment. Its size determines the shape and output of fertilizer pelletizing.