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How to install and debug roller granulator
1. Installation: after the roller granulator arrives at the factory, the granulator is taken as the main machine, which is determined according to the number of units and installed in coordination with the process flow. The elevation and horizontal placement are found. The frame of the machine has corner holes, which can be installed on the concrete (the vibration fixing momentum is not large, and it does not need to be very solid on the concrete foundation).

2. Debugging: the roller granulator has been debugged before delivery, and still needs to be debugged after trial.

(1) Roller clearance adjustment

The fertilizer granulator machine sometimes needs to increase the output or bite angle in the production. At this time, the distance between the two pressing shafts can be increased to increase the distance between the driving shaft roller and the passive shaft roller. The steps are as follows: stop the machine, remove the covers at both ends of the passive shaft, and rotate the two eccentric sleeves in the same direction. The rollers should not collide with each other, and should be kept between 0.3-1 mm.
How to install and debug roller granulator
(2) Alignment adjustment of ball and socket

The ball and socket are formed by the pits on the surface of the main roller, so there are problems of axial alignment and circumferential alignment;

A. The axial alignment has been adjusted during installation, so it is not possible to adjust the granulator machine for machine. When adjustment is needed, tighten or loosen the covers on both sides of the passive bearing seat, so as to push the displacement of the eccentric sleeve corresponding to the active shaft roller.

B. Circumferential alignment
The steps of circumferential alignment are as follows: loosen the 6 connecting bolts between the driven gear and the adjusting sleeve, so that the adjusting sleeve and the driven gear are slightly separated. Since a ball socket adjustment amount has been set in the design, and two adjusting bolts are provided, the dislocation can be adjusted no matter how much the dislocation is. Because the ball and socket are too small, the carton board is placed between the two rollers during adjustment. After rolling, you can see whether the adjustment has achieved the purpose. Generally, the passive roller should be 1 / 4 ahead of the active one. After alignment, 8 bolts can be tightened.