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Granulated organic fertilizer made from sheep manure
Sheep manure is a kind of dry and hot manure raw material, which is rich in beneficial nutrients for crops. It is a kind of organic fertilizer raw material that is easy to be absorbed and utilized by crops, and not easy to decompose slow effect crops.

The Process of sheep manure made into granular organic fertilizer is as follows: raw material fermentation → mixing machine → pulverizer → fertilizer granulator → particle dryer → particle cooler → finished product particle coating machine → finished product quantitative packaging machine.

The equipment of the sheep manure organic fertilizer production line includes: the early fermentation part (sheep manure dehydrator, fermentation dumper); the late granulation part (semi wet material grinder, mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.).

Benefits of sheep manure made into granular organic fertilizer

1. The application of sheep manure organic fertilizer is more convenient, and the powdered organic fertilizer is lighter. It is easy to be scattered by wind when applied in the field, and it is easy to be applied when it is made into granules.

2. During the production of sheep manure organic fertilizer, some inorganic components can be added to the sheep manure fertilizer to improve the fertilizer efficiency. If inorganic components are added to the powder, it is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate.

3. In order to get powdery materials, the water content must be low and pass through the grinding channel. The biggest limiting factor in the production of organic fertilizer is that the water content cannot be removed and it needs to be dried. The granulator can be made without the use of the dryer. In the process of granulation, high heat is generated and only needs to be cooled.

The small-scale sheep manure granule organic fertilizer production line equipment has a good investment prospect. It is the first choice for sheep raising factories to reduce the waste disposal and increase the economy of sheep raising factories.