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Fermentation process of pig manure organic fertilizer production line
 Pig manure organic fertilizer production line: The content of N, P, K in pig manure is mainly determined according to the food. There is no specific ratio, but the C: N ratio is about 13: 1, and generally only the N content can be calculated. The moisture of pig manure raw material is above 80%. It is fermented in the early stage to reduce the moisture to below 50%. After crushing, stirring, granulating, drying, cooling, sieving and packaging.

The fermentation process of the pig manure organic fertilizer production line is as follows:

1. The pig manure organic fertilizer production line is to make fresh pig manure with moisture content of about 70%, expose it to the hardened ground, and toss it for 2-3 days. After the moisture reaches about 40%, it will be mixed with 300-500 grams of bacteria per ton. After stacking, the stacking is about 1.5 meters high, and the stack width is about 5 meters. The length of the stack can be determined by the site. The temperature in the stack measured by the electronic temperature sensor reaches about 60 ℃ and is maintained for 3 days;

2. The second stacking: the first stacking, the temperature is measured, and the second tossing starts in 5 days. According to the cross-sectional situation, it is appropriate to add about 100 grams per ton of fungicide. The processing time is 4 days;

3. The third turnover: after four days of the second treatment, three more turnover treatments are carried out. The processing time is generally four days;

4. The fourth stacking: the same as the third stacking, if the moisture reaches 20%, it is judged by the treatment, if the number of bacteria exceeds 20 million per gram, the roundworm egg detection is zero, then it can be repackaged for use;

5. The main raw materials that meet the various detection indexes will be crushed first, which has reached the particle size requirements of the fertilizer granulator in the later period.

Organic fertilizer production line can be made into: powder, spherical granular, cylindrical, flat spherical. The granulator equipment used varies with the particle shape. Disc granulation, drum granulation, agitator granulation, the materials produced by these three pelletizing methods are spherical; the organic fertilizer produced by the double roller granulator is flat spherical, etc., and there are many kinds of pelletizers for you to choose from.