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Bio organic fertilizer production technology
1. Production process

To produce this type of organic fertilizer with bio organic fertilizer equipment, the first thing is to have the technology and ability to produce specific functional microorganisms. After crushing a variety of plant residues, select compound fermentation microorganisms that are basically consistent with the bio characteristics of the existing specific microorganisms. According to the characteristics of the compound fermentation microorganisms, the crushed plant residues are compounded and a certain amount of inorganic compounds are added to make fermentation culture materials . In the fermentation production process, the tank stacking fermentation method and other fermentation methods are mostly used.
Bio organic fertilizer production technology
2. Production technology

In the post-processing of fermented materials, most companies add functional bacteria for compounding and shaping. The product formulations are mainly dust, but some use drum granulation or extrusion granulation. 

The granular product overcomes the shortcomings of poor appearance and low level of powder products, improves the commerciality of the product, but also increases the production cost of the enterprise, and has a certain impact on the survival of effective bacteria.

3. Types and use of bacteria

Microbial strains are the core of bio-organic fertilizer products. In the production process, there are generally two links involving the use of microorganisms:

One is to add a decomposing fungus that promotes the decomposition of materials, decomposes and has deodorizing functions during the decomposing process. Most of them are composed of composite bacteria. Mold etc.;

The second is the functional bacteria added after the material is decomposed, generally the same nitrogen bacteria, phosphate solubilizing bacteria, silicate bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, pseudomonas, actinomycetes, etc., which play a specific fertilizer effect in the product.

Therefore, for the production of bio-organic fertilizer, the screening and use of microbial strains is a core technology. Only by mastering this key technology can the decomposition and maturity of materials be accelerated, and the application effect of the product can be guaranteed.