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Advantages of simple and easy operation of organic fertilizer production line
The equipment of organic fertilizer production line includes:
Compost turning machine, wet crusher, finished product silo, mixer, granulator, screening machine, dryer, cooler, quantitative packer, centralized control system, belt conveyor, etc.

Advantages of simple and easy operation of organic fertilizer production line

Advantages of organic fertilizer production line:
  1. 1. It is convenient to monitor and inquire. The equipment can print reports and query the accuracy of instant ingredients at any time. It has the function of on-site or remote monitoring system, and large screen is connected to display the current formula.
  3. 2. Long life. The equipment of the organic fertilizer production line is made of stainless steel plate with multi thickness and corrosion resistance to ensure long service life of the equipment.
  5. 3. Reduce costs. Microcomputer control, simple operation, complete fertilizer production line 3-5 people can save personnel, power consumption is also greatly reduced.
  7. 4. It is economical and practical. Microcomputer control tends to be intelligent and automatic, with less equipment investment and lower operation cost.
  9. 5. The equipment structure is designed separately. Root protection user site is designed separately, ground type and underground style.
  11. 6. The mixing system is intelligent. The time of raw material lifting, mixing and discharging can be set by itself. The system can automatically control the running time according to the set parameters, which has the advantages of fast operation and high production efficiency.
  13. 7. Computer quantitative packaging system. Imported sensors and meters have high measurement accuracy, batching accuracy ≤± 0.5%, packaging accuracy ≤± 0.2%, and reliable operation.