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How to solve the abnormality in the operation of the pig manure extrusion granulator

The main motor torque of the bio-organic fertilizer extrusion granulator is too high

Failure analysis: failure of the oil lubrication system, poor alignment of the output shaft of the main motor of the roller granulator and the shaft of the gearbox, motor and clutch vibration, etc. will damage the main motor bearings and cause excessive torque. In addition, excessive feeding load or poor material melting will also cause the main motor torque to be too high.

Troubleshooting measures: regularly check and clean the lubricating oil system of the extrusion granulator machine for fertilizer, measure the main motor bearings with a vibration measuring instrument and an infrared thermometer, and form a trend chart. If the trend value is exceeded, determine whether the idling current value or power value of the main motor exceeds the specified value, and determine whether the bearing should be replaced. Regularly check the alignment between the output shaft of the main motor and the input shaft of the gearbox. The alignment must be checked after the first drive or three months after the bearing is replaced. Carry out electrical test and check to determine the cause of the unbalance of the rotor; test the vibration speed of the clutch, if it exceeds the specified value, re-adjust the dynamic balance. Regularly check the heating and cooling system of the cylinder to ensure that the material is evenly heated and melted sufficiently. If the power curve of the main motor and the melt pressure curve increase momentarily when the extruder is started, it indicates that the feeding amount of the feeding system is too large momentarily, and the feeding amount should be reduced.

The development and application of bio-organic fertilizers can not only create conditions for the development of green agriculture and organic agriculture, but also "turn waste into treasure" to realize resource utilization. It has high economic, ecological and social benefits. A strong guarantee for the realization of sustainable agricultural development. In the future, bio-organic fertilizer will become a hot spot in the production and consumption of agricultural materials in the fertilizer industry, and has broad development prospects.