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To set up a small organic fertilizer production plant, these kinds of equipment are enough
Many friends want to establish an organic fertilizer plant after understanding the advantages and development prospects of organic fertilizer. There are several issues of general concern: What equipment is needed to establish a small organic fertilizer production plant? How much does such a set of equipment cost? Is product quality guaranteed?
For self-owned farms, estimate the production volume based on the area of ​​the farm, the number of livestock raised, and the production of livestock manure. If it is in the form of purchasing livestock manure, it depends on the amount of purchase and the local market. To determine the use area.
The equipment required for the production line of a small organic fertilizer plant includes: drum granulator, rotary dryer, fermentation turner, organic fertilizer grinder, drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, Packaging machines, conveyors and other equipment.
organic fertilizer production plant
The organic fertilizer production equipment is a mechanical automatic production equipment, which saves the cost of organic fertilizer production and improves the production quantity and production efficiency of organic fertilizer. At the same time, rational use of poultry and livestock manure to produce organic fertilizer has effectively solved the environmental pollution caused by organic waste discharge in the livestock breeding industry.
Huaqiang Heavy Industry is an environmentally friendly high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacture of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers. The company has introduced internationally advanced medium and large-scale finishing equipment, and has a professional team composed of experts, professors and senior engineers. And development provides a strong guarantee. The company’s main organic fertilizer production equipment projects include: fertilizer equipment, extrusion equipment, drying equipment, granulation equipment, safety production of mechanical equipment and other accessories, fertilizer engineering design and construction, etc.