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New type extrusion granulation compound fertilizer production line technology
Since the mid-1980s, the extrusion method has been developed to a large extent, and more and more industrialized production devices have been built in various places. Now, the extrusion granulation compound fertilizer production line technology has become an international fertilizer research center. A new type of compound fertilizer production technology recommended in.

Compound fertilizer production line extrusion granulation working principle:

The material is fed into a pair of counter-rotating roll gaps (bite-in zone) of the roller granulator. Under the squeeze of the rolls, the material is squeezed to form a dense sheet. After the flakes are crushed and sieved, granular products of the required size can be obtained.

The forming mechanism of the extruded granulated material on the compound fertilizer production line:

At present, the general explanation of the material forming mechanism in the extrusion process is: After the material is under pressure, its particles will be rearranged and the air between the particles will be removed, thereby removing the voids in the material.

After the material is further compressed, the material particles will be in the following two situations due to their different properties: When the material is brittle, part of the particles will be broken, thereby filling the remaining gaps. In addition, if the free chemical bonds on the new surface formed when the particles are broken cannot be quickly saturated with atoms or molecules in the environment, then strong recombination bonds will be formed when the new surfaces contact each other.

In the process of extrusion of the granulator machine for fertilizer, the particles of the material may also form a solid bridge. The energy supplied to the system in the form of pressure will generate heat energy at the contact points of the material particles to melt the material. When the temperature of the material drops, a solid bridge is formed.

Extrusion granulation compound fertilizer production line process main equipment
1. Forced feeding machine
One of the advances made in the extrusion and granulation compound fertilizer production line technology is the use of forced feeding on the fertilizer granulator machine, which is often achieved with the help of the propelling force of the screw. The extrusion process adopts a free feeding form with the aid of gravity.
Forced feeding, it is easy to control the feeding speed and reduce the slip phenomenon in the bite zone. More importantly, the material can be partially degassed and compacted in advance in the forced feeder, so that the product quality is greatly improved.

2. Crushing equipment
The flakes obtained by extrusion must undergo so-called granulation processes such as crushing and sieving to obtain granules of the required size. The progress made in the granulation equipment is mainly due to the many experience gained in the relationship between the form of the crushing equipment and the product.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry is vigorously promoting energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and efficient new extrusion granulation compound fertilizer production line technology, and making continuous progress and improvement.