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How should fertilizer granulator granule uneven granulation?
How should fertilizer granulator granule uneven granulation?
Granular fertilizer favored by customers, the market now using fertilizer granulator manufacturer of fertilizer is more and more, some part of the new type of fertilizer manufacturers, these groups each of the equipment in the fertilizer production line is not a good understanding of the situation will inevitably be so improper operation, lead to uneven fertilizer pelleting machine processing to produce fertilizer granules, huaqiang heavy industry for the convenience of the customer's use and processing production, fertilizer particle non-uniform for fertilizer granulator machine production problems and solutions. 
How should fertilizer granulator granule uneven granulation?
Fertilizer production to pay attention to matters:
1, fertilizer granulator machine for processing production of granulation process is the fourth process in the fertilizer production line, and before the impact process is on the granulation process, the impact on the granulation process obviously is shattered, because and fineness of crushed completely or not will directly affect the granulation forming.
2, drum granulator granulation fertilizer source for processing and production, the demand for grain is different, from 3 mm, 4 mm in diameter to a centimeter, so the production and processing of different diameter particles is different to the requirement of grinding fineness, in general, the smaller the diameter of particles of the higher requirement for grinding fineness, crushing the thinner the better safeguard forming uniform particles.
3, if not completely crushed, there will be large and small particles of raw materials, the material processing of grain is uneven, and fineness is not up to standard in granular materials if also can make pellet formation is affected, as a result, the application of fertilizer fertilizer production in the process of production line, crushing effect on the shape is very big, if discover the fertilizer granulator equipment carry on the processing problem of non-uniform particles we can start with crushing stage of illness.
Huaqiang Heavy industry fertilizer granulator for the material is relatively wide, with uniform particles, high pelleting rate characteristics, welcome customers to visit the investigation!