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What are the benefits of applying organic fertilizers?
Benefits of applying organic fertilizers:
1. Organic fertilizer contains organic matter, which can not only improve crop nutrients, but also activate and improve soil. It is the material basis for fertilization. The application of organic fertilizer plays an important role in promoting sustainable agricultural production.
2. Organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients, which can sustainably provide the nutrients needed by crops. Organic fertilizer is generally granulated with a fertilizer granulator machine.
benefits of applying organic fertilizers
3. Most of the organic matter in organic fertilizers exists in the form of humus, which can combine with soil particles to infiltrate the soil and retain water, so that the clay is not sticky and the sand is not dispersed. Since humus is dark and endothermic, it can increase soil temperature.
4. Organic fertilizer contains a lot of microorganisms and organic matter. Organic matter is the particles of microorganisms. The application of organic fertilizer not only increases the soil microorganisms, but also provides food for the original soil residents, releasing more nutrients, and the soil fertility will be stronger. The drum granulator can fully convert organic fertilizer into particles and improve the use efficiency of organic fertilizer.
 5. Organic fertilizer contains special substances that promote plant growth, which can enhance crop respiration, improve cell membrane permeability, enhance the absorption of nutrients, promote cell division, and enhance the growth of roots and above-ground parts!
6. Increase output and improve quality. Organic fertilizer contains organic matter and various nutrients to provide nutrition for crops. After organic fertilizer is decomposed, it can provide energy and nutrients for soil microbial activities, promote microbial activities, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, and produce active substances that promote crop growth and improve the quality of agricultural products. The roller granulator is a relatively common fertilizer granulator in the fertilizer production process.