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Production technology of powdered organic fertilizer in organic fertilizer production line
The equipment cost of large-scale organic fertilizer production line is too high. Investment in a powdery organic fertilizer production line not only solves the problem of environmental protection, but also opens up a broader way out for various farms. The process of investment in powdery organic fertilizer production line is introduced below.

The equipments used in the production line of powdery organic fertilizer include compost machine, drum screening machine, belt conveyor, horizontal mixer, pulverizer, etc. Compared with the granular organic fertilizer production line, the process of granulation, drying and cooling is less, and the process is relatively simple.
Production technology of powdery organic fertilizer production line
Equipment flow of powdery organic fertilizer production line
1. Composting fermentation
The compost turning machine is used to turn organic fertilizer. When the temperature is above 55 ℃, turn over the compost every 1-2 days. After fermentation at 55 ℃ for 10-15 days, the pile can be put away. (the purpose of composting is to promote the evaporation of water, the entry of oxygen into the pile, and the rapid propagation and fermentation of bacteria.)
2. Material crushing
The fermented materials can not be sold directly as commodities because of the caking and other phenomena caused by long-term composting. At this time, the remaining bulk materials need to be finely broken by a high moisture material crusher, and the powdered organic fertilizer can be obtained after crushing. (for the early fermentation of powdery fertilizer production line, in order to speed up the fermentation process, the auxiliary materials can be added into the pulverizer for crushing.)
3. Screening and grading
In order to improve the selling phase and obtain powdery organic fertilizer, it can be packaged only when the uniform powder material is obtained. According to the above steps, the pure powder organic fertilizer is obtained after being screened by the drum screening machine.
4. Finished product packaging.
The powdery organic fertilizer can be directly put into storage and sold after being packed by automatic packing scale.