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Characteristics of organic fertilizer processing equipment in operation
The organic fertilizer processing equipment has the following characteristics during operation:

1. Due to the different state and humidity of dried materials, there may be great differences. Therefore, when using the dryer, it is necessary to understand the material structure in the production process of organic fertilizer fermentor.

2. The drying characteristics will change with the material state. The organic fertilizer fermentation tank has a great impact on the internal structure of the equipment because the water characteristics of different materials are different.

3. In order to successfully complete the supply, transportation and discharge of materials, the organic fertilizer fermentation tank is heated during the production process. Even if the organic fertilizer fermentation tank can barely operate, it must be considered from the aspects of automation and other engineering. Even if the organic fertilizer fermentation tank can operate normally, its safety must be considered. In order to achieve efficient drying, the operation of other units, auxiliary equipment technology, etc. shall also be considered. In other words, drying operation is the embodiment of a comprehensive technology.

4. Due to the diversity of material forms and drying characteristics, if the equipment form is improperly selected, it will bring many problems to the operation of the dryer. Even if it can operate reluctantly, its production capacity is very low.