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Organic fertilizer equipment is specialized in processing kitchen waste and producing organic fertilizer

The amount of kitchen waste in China is huge and rising rapidly. The equipment for processing organic fertilizer from kitchen waste in large cities generally produces 30% of the domestic waste every day In the past, kitchen waste was mostly collected and transported to pig farms, but this treatment method has the potential risk of spreading diseases With high moisture content and high organic matter content, kitchen waste is easy to rot and stink, breed mosquitoes and flies, and pollute the urban environment. It is urgent to implement the recycling of kitchen waste.

Organic fertilizer equipment is a kind of equipment specializing in the production of organic fertilizer. The results of organic fertilizer are mainly powder and particles, which can be divided into two types: cylindrical particles and spherical particles. The production of powdered organic fertilizer is very simple. The process combination of organic fertilizer equipment is sorting, drying, fermentation, crushing, mixing and packaging. The production of granular organic fertilizer is complex, which can be realized by disc granulator and stirring granulator. Among them, the production of spherical organic fertilizer particles is more complex. The production of spherical organic fertilizer is based on the production of granular organic fertilizer, adding organic fertilizer spreader, drum screening machine, organic fertilizer packaging machine, etc.

There are many organic fertilizer production line equipment in the whole organic fertilizer production process. In order to ensure the normal order of continuous production, the control system recommends the combination of centralized control and on-site control. The control cabinet is set in the control room to start and stop the equipment. For long-distance equipment, it can be arranged nearby to facilitate subsequent installation, commissioning and maintenance.