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Pig farms are suitable for investing in a full set of organic fertilizer production line to treat pig manure

China is a large pig breeding country. With the promotion of large-scale breeding, pig breeding has gradually changed from traditional free range breeding to large-scale and intensive breeding. A large number of pig excreta have caused serious pollution to the environment. The pollution emission from livestock and poultry breeding has become one of the most important agricultural pollution sources in China.

The amount of investment in processing organic fertilizer equipment is related to the annual output. The processing equipment of each organic fertilizer is divided into various models according to the output, and the output of the equipment is 1-20 tons. The complete set of organic fertilizer processing equipment includes fermentation stacker, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, belt conveyor, coating machine, screening machine, etc. According to the output, the complete set of organic fertilizer processing equipment is divided into large, medium and small organic fertilizer production lines, with a price of more than 100000-1 million.

The pig manure dryer is divided into various specifications with a diameter of 80cm-3m according to the output. The selection needs to be determined according to the expected output, of which the price of the smallest pig manure dryer is about 70000 yuan. In addition to the problem of output, the problem of raw material moisture should also be considered in the selection. Of course, the greater the moisture, the larger the equipment model required, and the higher the drying standard, the larger the equipment model required. It is suggested that when the moisture of raw materials is too large, the solid-liquid separator can be used first, which is more conducive to saving the drying cost.