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Wheel turning machine installation site
Wheel turning machine is applicable to pigs, cattle, sheep and chickens and other animals from feces, garbage, sugar mill sludge filter mud, such as sawdust and straw, bad slag cake fermentation of organic waste heap, widely used in organic fertilizer factory, fertilizer plant, sludge stink, king and the fermentation of agaricus bisporus planting factory and rotten and removing water homework, compared with the traditional groove cast machine greatly saved a space, a corner turn left, turn left is wide and turn left deep deep and uniform turn left, turn left with high efficiency. Drum granulator can be organic fertilizer production, also can be compound fertilizer production. In the same fertilizer production process, Wheel turning machine and drum granulator are a good pair of partners.
Wheel turning machine installation site
The wheel turning machine is suitable for the fermentation of organic waste such as livestock waste, sludge waste, sludge, bad crumbs and straw, such as the fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer factory, sludge garbage mill, garden art field and the planting factory of the biangled mushroom plant, etc.
Equipment advantages:
1. High flip depth: the flip depth can reach 1.5-3 meters, and the flip span is large: the flip width can reach 30 meters wide.
2. Low energy consumption: it adopts a unique energy-saving and high-efficiency transmission mechanism, and the energy consumption of the same operation volume is lower than that of the traditional tossing equipment.
3. High degree of automation: equipped with fully automated electrical control system, the equipment does not need to operate during the working period.
4. No dead Angle flip: symmetrical flip of the wheel, no dead Angle flip under the displacement of the speed regulating shift trolley.