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Large-angle Belt Conveyor for Fertilizer equipment in Malaysia
Before the installation of the general lifting conveyor, the embedded steel plate is needed as the support of the fixed tail frame, while the large inclination belt conveyor only needs to be installed on the site and then put into use, which saves the user's time and reduces the labor intensity.Large dip belt conveyor can be designed according to the needs of the tilt Angle, dip Angle 0-90° range, and scraper conveyor and other conveying equipment can only reach the maximum of 45 degrees range, far from meeting the needs of users in many aspects. In the process of fertilizer production, the material is transferred to the fertilizer granulator machine by a Large-angle Belt Conveyor, which greatly improves the use of space.
Large-angle Belt Conveyor for Fertilizer equipment in Malaysia
Large-angle Belt Conveyors are also called sidewall belt conveyors. They can be widely used in coal, food, building materials, chemical, hydropower, and metallurgical sectors. In terms of conveying height, conveying capacity, structural installation, and supporting area Compared with other conveying equipment, it has more advantages. Here we compare it with conveying equipment such as elevators and scraper conveyors to facilitate users to understand and choose. In the fertilizer production process, the Large-angle Belt Conveyor and the drum granulator can be used in the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.
The Large-angle Belt Conveyor has advantages over other conveying equipment in terms of material conveying volume, layout, conveying efficiency, etc. At the same time, it is much lower than other conveying equipment in terms of maintenance and failure rate, which can save users to a large extent Production cost, improve conveying efficiency.