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15t/h Rotary Drum Compound Fertilizer Production Line with A Dryer and Two Coolers
The 15t/h Rotary Drum Compound Fertilizer Production Line with A Dryer and Two Coolers has the advantages of low investment, quick effect, good economic benefit, reasonable design, advanced technology and compact layout of complete set of equipment. Reduce the equipment energy consumption, make the equipment more energy saving, stable operation of equipment, no three waste discharge, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Wide adaptability of raw materials, suitable for compound fertilizer, chemical industry, medicine, feed and other raw materials granulation, product granulation rate is high. Can produce a variety of concentrations, a variety of types (including) compound fertilizer. Fertilizer granulator machine can be customized according to the actual situation.
1, the applicability and wide: fertilizer production line of raw material is suitable for the fermentation of livestock and poultry dung, sugar mill filter mud, urban sludge, papermaking sludge, lees, straw, lime and other moisture content 30% the left and right sides of crude fiber direct granulation of organic waste, can produce round spherical particles of pure organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer.

2. The fertilizer granulator of this fertilizer production line is a drum granulator, which is not only a compound fertilizer granulator but also an organic fertilizer granulator.The pellet-forming rate and the survival rate of biological bacteria are high: the new technology can make the pellet-forming rate reach 90-95% or above, and the new technology of low-temperature and large-air drying can make the survival rate of microbial bacteria reach 90% or above.Drum granulator is in the process of compound fertilizer granules into a ball: with particle diameter of raw materials and returns Ф 1-2 mm small particles as the core, in the 60-65 ℃ temperature and steam conditions, with the help of a viscous material itself and the interaction of mechanical force, roll a large, soft particles formed Ф 2-5 mm, dry as moisture evaporation, particles gradually solidified, formation of hard particles.