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Treatment system of pig manure
The pig farm is divided into two layers: the second layer of pig, using temperature control ventilation, leaky floor, the overall structure of pig production process does not flush water, urine leakage through slit plate falls into the bedding layer; 2 m pig manure fermentation tank.

(1) Temperature ventilation system
Use temperature ventilation to install wet curtain fan and temperature controller to ensure the temperature and humidity discount within the optimal range; reduce the main steam of negative piglet fermentation.

(2) Garbage management system
In the fermentation process of pig manure organic fertilizer production, once a day or once every other day, the garbage is opened and mixed with urine evenly to provide oxygen, and ensure the aerobic fermentation of microorganisms, the urine can be effectively degraded.

(3) Automatic feeding system
High bed configuration pig automatic feeding system, each person can manage 1500-2000 pigs, compared with the conventional mode to reduce 1-2, not only reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency.

(4) Product treatment system
High fermenting mattress material can be equipped as a common material processing equipment, which can produce targeted special fertilizer according to different crops, increase the added value of the product, and better meet the market demand.