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The Using of New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator
A.Installation and Debugging
1. Installation: Users can build foundations according to the basic drawings of the selected models provided by the company. The foundations can be made of concrete or steel structures. Installation of equipment should be carried out under the guidance of technicians. Most motors and reducers are installed on the same rack before they leave the factory. When installing, users should pay attention to the fact that the feeding end of the machine is 3-5 cm higher than the discharging end. Rubber or wood panels are used to reduce the vibration between the rack and the base surface. After installation, it is necessary to ensure that the left and right sides are parallel and the four corners are smooth, so that the bottom of the rack contacts with the foundation evenly. Some high-power motors have independent racks. This machine should first install the main engine, then install the adjusting motor, and connect the motor connector and the main engine connector. (motor wheel parallel to main wheel)
2. Debugging: before testing, the gear oil of the reducer is put in place, and then the power supply is connected.
1) The machine should be started without load. It is strictly forbidden to open the belt material in order to avoid damage.
2) Check whether all bolts are tightened before starting.
3) Check whether the oil in the bearing seat and reducer is in place;
4) Start the motor and check whether the rotation direction is correct. If it rotates in the opposite direction, it should stop and adjust immediately.

B.Test Machine and Production
1. Because this machine is a wet granulating equipment, the moisture content of raw materials should be measured and adjusted before starting. According to the different materials, the water requirement is between 20% and 40%.
2. Trial production is to use materials with lower water content to granulate in a trial machine (at this time, the granulation rate of the produced particles is somewhat low, which is normal). After production of 200-300 kg, the moisture content of raw materials can be adjusted according to the granulation quality. Generally, too large pellets need to reduce the moisture content of raw materials, too small pellets or powder appear, then the water content of raw materials needs to be increased.
3. The uniformity of feed and moisture content of raw materials should be guaranteed in normal production.
4. Stop feeding before shutdown, and most of the material in the body is discharged before shutdown. When necessary, the machine can be opened for 2-3 minutes after stopping, and all the materials in the body can be pushed out. If the machine is stuck or the power load is too large to pull, it is necessary to reduce the material supply and stop checking in time, and clean up the inner wall of the machine. Cleaning method: Open the chassis or add water to the chassis for cleaning.