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The problem of heating up in fermentation and its solution
In the organic fertilizer production line, the quality of fermentation of organic fertilizer is directly related to the quality of organic fertilizer. Therefore, we should pay attention to the fermentation process of organic fertilizer at all times to avoid problems and affect the quality and stability of organic fertilizer production. So how to solve the problem of heating up in the fermentation process of organic fertilizer.
  • Problems and solutions of too high and no temperature rise
  1. 1. The water content of raw materials is too high: add straw, cake fertilizer, bacterial residue and other materials with less water content to the materials, and then mix and ferment.
  2. 2. The water content of raw materials is too low: because the fermented microorganisms are all saprophytes, it is appropriate to need water between 45% and 60%. If the water content is too low, the activity and reproduction of microorganisms will slow down, and the fermentation and decomposition will naturally slow down.
  3. 3. Lack of nitrogen element: organic fertilizer raw materials have the same element content, but the difference of nitrogen element content is relatively large. The carbon nitrogen ratio is adjusted to 25:1 by adding livestock manure, river sludge, inorganic nitrogen fertilizer, etc. with high nitrogen content.
  4. 4. The heap is too small or the weather is too cold: the width and height of the heap are increased, and easily degradable substances are added; indoor fermentation and heating equipment are used.
  5. 5. PH value is too low: when pH value is 5.5, add basic substances such as quicklime or grass ash to mix evenly, and adjust the pH of materials.
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