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The development of agriculture with the organic fertilizer machine
 The development of agriculture is inseparable from the support of organic fertilizer equipment.The organic fertilizer machine processess the excrement of livestock and polutry into orrganic fertilizer,which not only deals with the current increasingly serious problems of livestock and polutry surface pollution.There we share the reason why we develop the organic fertilizer machines.
organic fertilizer manufacturing processrotary drum granulator production line
In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process equipped with different type fertilizer machines to produce the organic fertilizer .The organic fertilizer designing improve the agricultural development.The organic fertilizer machine processes the excrement of livestock and polutry into thee organic fertilizerm,which not only deals with the current increasingly serious problem of livestock and polutry surface pollution,but also is the requirement for the development of ecological agriculture,as well as an important selection for the promotion of livestock and polutry breeding and ecological agriculture.
The organic fertilizer machine manufacturers have truly completed the agricultural cycle.The agricultural organic waste is harmless treated by bio organic fertilizer equipment.The new organic fertilizer production line skills are more conducive to harmless treatment.The organic fertilizer compost is decomposed and fermented.The use of organic fertilizer equipment to process organic fertilizer does not necessarily require the manure of livestock and polutry.Chicken manure,pig manure,wheat straw and corn straw can also be mixed.For farm manure,chicken manure and pig manure are treated innocuously by using organic fertilizer machine,microbial organic is added for fermentation and composting,and the organic fertilizer granulator machine is used to produce microbial organic fertilizer.The organic fertilizer machine is the most ideal innocuous treatment method for agricultural wastes.
The development of agriculture is inseparable ffrom the suppor of organic fertilizer equipment.Organic fertilizer machine cost low,easy to operate,fully automatic production equipment,according to different sections,climate and temperature,equipment according to the need to start thermal insulation device and oxygen supply system,the invention of an environment suitable for the growth of bacteria,together with aerobic fermentation,fermentation heat abundant fast.It is the first choice of production for a wide range of users.The agricultural development cannot be separated from the organic fertilizer machine and the support of the organic fertilizer machine manufacturers.

Organic fertilizer machine to deal with environmental pollution and use renewable resources to turn into treasure.Organic fertilizer prodution line skills plans to gradually promote the combination of maturiy and chemical fertilizer,mainly maturity,supplemented by chemical fertilizer,then gradually reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer,and the amount of maturity,and finally reach only maturity,no need or as little as possible to use chemical fertilizer,organic fertilizer production line to complete the real circular agriculture,green agriculture,sustainable agriculture.
The fertilizer manufacturing technology not only improve the organic fertilizer production and the using the market,it also improve the npk,compound fertilizer using.Like the npk fertilizer production line is also designed for producing the npk,compound fertilizer.Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Mchinery Co.Ltd is professional producing the fertilizer machines and designing all types of fertilizer production lines.