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Production of the straw fertilizer
The organic fertilizer market is increasing continuouslly.And now,more and more raw materials can be used to make the organic fertilizer or other type fertilizer.The straw is a kind of good raw materials to make the orgnaic fertilizer or the straw fertilizer.So there,we share more about the production of the straw fertilizer.The fertilizer manufacturing technology is used to produce the organic or inorganic fertilizer granulator.And in the fertilizer manufacturing process how we to make the straw fertilizer?
Current situation of straw fertilizer production:Crop straw itself has unblanced nutrients,low content and is not easy to decay.It is often necessary to cooperate with livestock manure,domestic garbage,sludge and other materials produced by the sewage treatment plant to carry out fertilizer production,and some special fungicides needs to be added in the fertilizer manufacturing process.The amount of straw should be adjusted according to the nutrient content and water content of other materials.The additionof crushed straw can effectively improve the carbon nitrogen ratio and water content of fermentation materials,which is conducive to the role of inoculated fungicides.
Current situation of straw fertilizer production
The refined organic fertilizer is generally  processed from crop straw or livestock manure by the process of maturity,fermentation sterilization,mixing,grinding,etc.Its raw materials are mostly agricultural wastes,and its main functional component organic matter content is more than 50%,which is mainly used for the production of organic food and green food;the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer refers to the process of production of inorganic compound fertilizer,adding a certain amount of  organic matters.The organic fertilizer contains a lot of elements and organic matter.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,sometimes it also needs other type organic matter to add to the fertilizer producing process.
Production process of refined organic fertilizer
Straw,animal manure and other materials are composted to form refined organic fertilizer products.The production process mainly includes raw material crushing and mixing,primary fermentation,aging(secondary fermentation)crushing and screening and packaging.The detail of producing the straw fertilizer that we can use the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials for sometime,and then using the fetilizer crusher machine to grind the big and hard raw materials,next to use the fertilizer mixer machine that we can choose the vertical disc mixer machine to mix the raw materials with other organic matters,then using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer granulator.Using the drum screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator.Finally to pack them using the automatic packing machine.
The video of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process supply for you to see more details of the fertilizer production
The fertilizer manufacturing process of the straw fertilizer is not so complex as the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,but it also not so easy.When using the fertilizer machine to produce the straw fertilizer ,the semi-automatic fertilizer production line also simplifiy the process and at the same time it also improve the working efficient.
We are as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we not only need to focus on the change of the fertilizer manufacturing technology,we also need to be focus on the change of the fertilizer market in order to we can design the new fertilizer machines and new fertilizer production line to make the new type fertilizer granulator. More fertilizer information you want to know,you can visit our website and leave a message for us,we will apply to you as soon as possible.