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Processing of animal manure with fertilizer equipment
In the organic fertilizer production line, pig, chicken, cattle and sheep manure are traditionally used to process organic fertilizer. When manure is used as fertilizer, the self purification ability of soil can be applied, which plays a role in spreading the manure without being used as any organism. Therefore, feces should be treated before application, which is more important to maintain the environment. In recent years, biogas digester has been built to treat excrement, and the effect is very good.

Organic fertilizer produced by dry manure fermentation. It can produce organic fertilizer with small cost, stable quality and large market space. It is suggested to use aerobic fermentation to process pig, chicken, cattle and sheep manure by fertilizer equipment. Organic fertilizer fermentation agent can be used for fermentation, which is better for crops. The judgment method of whether the recovered fecal water is suitable or not: hold a handful of feces tightly, see the watermark at the finger joint but do not drop water, and it is suitable to disperse when falling on the ground. Water less fermentation slow, water more poor ventilation, therefore, we must grasp the water content. If the water content is too high, straw, sawdust, mushroom residue and dry soil powder can be added.

There are two steps to process the commercial organic fertilizer: the early stage fermentation and processing part and the deep processing granulation part of the fertilizer equipment need the advanced technology of the fermentation tossing machine, the organic fertilizer crusher, the roller screen machine, the horizontal mixer, the disk granulator, the rotary dryer, the cooler, the screen machine, the coating machine, the packaging machine, the conveyor and other equipment