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How to store fertilizer in winter?
It is wrongly believed that the cold winter weather, low temperatures, fertilizers will not be volatile, will not explode and burn, nor much corrosive, it is not.
The ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium sulfate in nitrogen fertilizer are not nonvolatile in low temperature, they are slower and less volatile than in summer and autumn. Ammonium nitrate in nitrogen fertilizer, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate in potassium fertilizer, etc. although it is prone to burning explosion in high temperature, but in winter, if the fertilizer is stored in a kitchen or near heating furnace, there is also a big risk; The corrosive effect of calcium phosphate has little to do with temperature. Cloth bags, sacks and so forth will be corroded as long as contact with superphosphate. If the bag packs such as seeds, salt, and soda will go bad. Nitrogen volatile encounter water vapor in the air, it turns to ammonium hydroxide with strong corrosive, it will make seeds lose germination, grain deterioration, pesticide failure, Wood products, iron corrosion and flake.
In view of the above reasons, it is necessary to store chemical fertilizer in the cold season
1.Seal preservation to prevent volatilization.Many nitrogen fertilizer, such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium nitrate, etc., because of the unstable nature, it is easy to decompose and reduce the fertilizer effect in the storage process. Therefore, the chemical fertilizer should be stored in an impermeable plastic bag or other sealed and corrosion-resistant containers.
2.Waterproof moisture-proof.Nitrogen in nitrogen fertilizer can be dissolved in water, easy to lump or water loss after damping or watering. Therefore, during storage, be sure to keep dry and avoid breaking the bag. If the bag is broken, it will start to absorb the moisture and then dissolve the water and cause damage.
3.Pay attention to fire prevention.Ammonium nitrate fertilizer has the characteristics of combustible and flammable, which can be easily oxidized at high temperature to ignite or explode. Therefore, the storage of this kind of fertilizer should pay attention to fire protection, not to be close to the stove, and not to be stored with flammable objects. The fertilizer that can react with each other is best stored separately.
4.Pollution prevention.Ammonia fertilizer can not be put in the bedroom, the hall inside, to prevent volatilize ammonia gas stimulates person's eye, nose and respiratory tract, endanger health.
5.Anti-corrosion.Fertilizers are more or less corrosive and must be strictly chosen for storage containers. Carbon ammonia, superphosphate, etc., cannot be stored in the cloth bag sack and paper bag, it should be stored in plastic bags or porcelain jars. All kinds of chemical fertilizers cannot be stored in one room with seeds, grain, oil, farm tools, etc.