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How to calculate the size of fermentation workshop of fertilizer production line
The fertilizer production line is a continuous process. If the fermentation workshop is too small, it will cause the shortage of raw materials, which will affect the stability of organic fertilizer production; otherwise, if the fermentation workshop is too large, it will increase the cost of land. So it is very important to design the size of fermentation workshop. So how to calculate the size of fermentation workshop?

Ⅰ Calculate the volume of fertilizer after ripening

We all know that fermentation takes a certain time, generally 15-20 days. Therefore, the fermentation raw materials in the fermentation workshop should be the total amount of 20 days' production. We need to use the rotten fertilizer for one day's production and add the fresh raw materials for one day's production, so as to ensure the stability of production.
According to the hourly output of the organic fertilizer production line, when you add your fertilizer production line, the hourly output is 3 tons, and the daily output is 10 hours. The daily output of organic fertilizer is 30 tons, the daily output is 600 tons, and the volume of fertilizer is 850 cubic meters.
The volume of organic fertilizer after fermentation will be reduced compared with that before fermentation, and the reduced proportion will be different according to different raw materials. Generally, the fertilizer after fermentation will be reduced by 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 compared with that before fermentation. In this way, the volume of fresh fertilizer needed can be calculated.

Ⅱ Calculate reasonable workshop area according to fermentation process

There are three main fermentation processes in the organic fertilizer factory: trough aerobic fermentation process, stacking compost fermentation process and organic fertilizer fermentation tank fermentation process.
1. Tank aerobic fermentation process
Tank type aerobic fermentation is a kind of fermentation technology that saves the site. The thickness of fertilizer is generally between 1.5-1.6 meters, and it can also reach 3 meters. However, the higher the thickness is, the wider the tank will be, and the higher the configuration requirements for the tipping equipment will be. If we want to toss 5000 cubic meters of organic fertilizer raw materials, the fertilizer thickness is 15 meters, the area of the fermentation tank should be 3333.3 square meters, and the area of the fermentation workshop should be slightly greater than 3333.3 square meters (excluding the area of stacking raw materials).
2. Fermentation technology of stacking compost
Compared with the tank type aerobic fermentation process, the area required by the strip type aerobic fermentation process is larger, and the production capacity per unit area is only one-third of that of the tank type aerobic fermentation, that is to say, for the same weight of raw materials to be fermented, the site area used for the strip type aerobic fermentation process is about three times of that of the tank type aerobic fermentation process.
3. Fermentation technology of organic fertilizer fermentation tank
Organic fertilizer fermentation tank is the most site-saving fermentation process, with the highest degree of automation and fermentation maturity. The disadvantage is that the cost is too high. According to different specifications, the bottom area and height of the organic fertilizer fermentation tank are different. The site size needs to be determined according to the specific situation of the fermentation tank.

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