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How much is the investment in setting up an organic fertilizer plant
For those who are new to the organic fertilizer industry, many factors need to be determined to invest in the construction of an organic fertilizer plant. First of all, what is the sales volume of organic fertilizer market, the development prospect of organic fertilizer industry, and how much investment is needed for the organic fertilizer production line? What raw materials and equipment are needed for the production of organic fertilizer and so on, which are the issues that manufacturers and investors are more concerned about.

The equipment of small-scale organic fertilizer production line is between 30000 and 200000 yuan, and each configuration of organic fertilizer production line is different. The low configuration of organic fertilizer production line only needs grinder, mixer, granulator (optional), screening machine and packaging machine. Therefore, the price of the whole organic fertilizer production line ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.
How much is the investment in setting up an organic fertilizer plant
Production process fermentation trough put fermentation material evenly into the fermentation agent turn over the pile fermentation for 7-15 days - out of the trough - screening - crushing - premixing - packaging (can increase granulation) - sales.

A large amount of livestock manure produced by the farm is used to produce green organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is returned to the field to plant organic agriculture. Agricultural wastes and agricultural fruits are fed to various livestock and poultry to form a natural and green ecological biological chain to maintain ecological balance, so that we can find a new life in the field. Our company is committed to the research and development of organic fertilizer technology and the development and production of organic fertilizer production equipment. Supply various types of organic fertilizer production line.