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Horizontal fertilizer mixer with high quality and high yield
Working principle of horizontal mixer
The horizontal mixer fertilizer equipment is equipped with reverse rotating blades, which rotate the materials in a certain angle along the axial and radial direction, so that the materials can be mixed quickly and evenly. Performance characteristics of horizontal mixer: the rotating speed of the shaft driven by the reducer and the structure of the blades will weaken the gravity of the materials. With the lack of gravity, there are great differences in particle size and specific gravity of each material Ignored during mixing. The intense agitation shortens the mixing time, which is faster and more efficient. Even if the material has the difference of specific gravity and particle size, it can achieve a good mixing effect under the rapid and violent tossing of staggered mixing blades. It is suitable for mixing more than two kinds of fertilizer and additive premix.

Horizontal fertilizer mixer with high quality and high yield
Features of horizontal mixer
The horizontal mixer can fully mix the materials, thus improving the mixing uniformity;
With the novel rotor structure, the minimum clearance between the rotor and the bright body can be adjusted to close to zero, which effectively reduces the material residue;
In the organic fertilizer production line, it can break large materials, make the overall structure more reasonable, the appearance beautiful and the operation and maintenance convenient.